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  • Why Latvia?

    05.07.2019 by

    Latvia was the first European country with a fully planned trip I made myself. We wanted to go to Europe, but had a limited budget and time – only ten days, so the choice was to go to Baltic countries. Initially, we were going to drive around Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, hitchhiking between them, but… Read more

  • Riga and Jurmala

    05.07.2019 by

    Riga became the first European capital I visited. I was delighted with everything: organ music from churches, paving stones and tiled roofs, euro prices… But no, these were rather upsetting. I studied a bunch of guidebooks, and did not want to miss a single point stated there. I enthusiastically wandered around the Town Hall Square,… Read more

  • Sigulda

    05.07.2019 by

    We went to Sigulda to visit castles, there are as many as three there: the medieval Turaida, the destroyed Krimulda and the more modernized is Sigulda Palace. Half a day is enough to go across all of them, while you will admire the views of the Gauja valley and you can really appreciate several objects… Read more

  • Cesis

    05.07.2019 by

    Cesis is one of the oldest cities in Latvia, more than 800 years old. Its main attraction is the country’s largest castle of the Livonian Order, which is also called Vendensky, named after the people who lived in these places. To enter the Cēsis Castle, the summer season (from May to September) is €4 (for… Read more

  • Liepaja

    04.07.2019 by

    This seaside city in western Latvia brags about the largest mechanical organ instrument in the world and the third largest port in the country. Today, the harbor is used only for trading, but earlier a third of the city was occupied by the military port, the so-called “Karosta” in Latvian. The construction of the largest… Read more

  • Kuldiga

    04.07.2019 by

    Kuldiga is probably the most comfortable city in Latvia I have been to. Only 13 thousand people live here, it can be walked from edge to edge in an hour, and the historical center of the city is included in the national UNESCO list. But we came here first of all for the sake of… Read more

  • Ventspils

    04.07.2019 by

    A City with a Future The first impression about Ventspils I had when I was still on the way to it. The woman driving us told us about the local amusement park and its key object – the ski hill ” Lemberg’s Hat”. The mountain is remarkable because it emerged at the site of the… Read more

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